Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Please find below our more in-demand products for door ironmongery.

If there is something you are having difficulty in finding that is not displayed below, please contact us with the details and we will endeavour to source it or offer a suitable alternative.

Door Handles

Lever/Lever Handle, 2 Hole, 48mm
Lever/Lever Handle, 2 Hole, 70mm
Lever/Lever Handle, 2 Hole, 92mm
Lever/Lever Handle, 3 Hole, 92mm
Adjustable Repair Handle, Lever-Lever, 92mm
Lever/Pad Handle, B-Type, 2 Hole, 92mm
Lever/Pad Handle, Hoppe, 2 Hole, 92mm

Door- Locks (Single & Multi-Point)

Latch Lock, Single Point, 48mm
Hammerjack Lock, Single Point, 92mm
Deadlock, Hook, MS 2200
Excalibur Door Lock
Excalibur Composite Door Lock

Door Letterboxes

10'' Letterbox
12'' Letterbox
Slimline Letterbox
Letterbox Security Cowl

Door Cylinders

Euro Profile Cylinder, 6 Pin Range
Euro Profile Cylinder, Sirus, 1 Star
Euro Profile Cylinder, Trimas, 3 Star
Cylinder Guard, Euro Profile

Door Security Hinges

EasyFit Security Door Hinge
Living Security Door Hinge
Challenger Door Hinge, Euro Rebate
Challenger Door Hinge, Composite

Door Closers

Door Restrictor, Eurogrove, 90 Deg.
Concealed Door Closer, Perko
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS1000
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS1500
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS2000
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS4000
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS68
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS71
Closer, V-Arm, TS73
Door Closer, V-Arm, TS83
Door Closer, Transom, RTS 85
Door Closer, Transom, ARC 51-N
Floor Spring, BTS80 / 75v