Patio Door Hardware

Patio Door Hardware

Please find below our more in-demand products for patio door ironmongery.

If there is something you are having difficulty in finding that is not displayed below, please contact us with the details and we will endeavour to source it or offer a suitable alternative.

Door Locks

Door Handle

Lever Handle

Bump Stop

Patio Door Lock, 6 Hook
Patio Door Lock, Stronghold
Sliding Door Handle
Replacement Patio Lever Handle
Patio Door Bump Stop

Wheels & Track

Door Bolts

Patio Wheel, Tandem - Steel
Patio Wheel, Inline - S/Steel
Patio Door Track
Patio Door Spring Bolt
Patio Door Bolt
Multi-Purpose Bolt

French Door Locking Device

French Door Locking Device