About Us

Window & Door Accessories Ltd are Leaders of innovative control systems that harness sustainable natural elements to create a safer and healthier indoor environment. Extensive knowledge of smoke ventilation and natural ventilation systems gathered over 25 years of experience.

The company has an extensive range of window and Door actuators, linear actuators, chain actuators, and SHEVs control panels complying to EN12101 as well as intelligent control systems suitable for seamless interface with the major BMS protocols. Window & Door Accessories offers a totally professional solution to its clients from system design, project management, installation, commissioning and ongoing service and maintenance.
Window & Door Accessories Ltd is able to deliver a total solution to its clients from initial concept through installation and hand over to on-going maintenance and support.

The company is also able to manage the interfaces between the different parties involved in the construction process - critical in ensuring the end result matches the design concept.

Window & Door Accessories maintenance department offer problem solving, advice and alternative solutions to existing systems that require modification.

Please contact us if you require information on modifying systems.

Maintenance in Detail